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Shortlisted entries for best use of mobile fundraising


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Alzheimers Society

Distributions got talent

Talent Show contestants compete for place in 'final 3' by seeing who can raise the most 'votes' for their act. Vote was a £1 text donation made to Alzheimers Society. Campaign was supported though numerous apps, covering offline, social & online tools. Used off the shelf technology so very low cost resulting in a high ROI.


£10k raised via text; £50k overall. Campaign Sponsor (Tescos) were so impressed that this is now an annual event.


Acorns Children's Hospice (Acorns)

Acorns and Aston Villa FC Text to Donate Challenge


As the official charity partner of Aston Villa Football Club (AVFC), Acorns has the right to fundraise at every game at Villa Park. Historically this was done with bucket collections as supporters entered the ground. However, despite the size of the potential 'captive' supporter base (Villa Park's capacity is 42,000+), the income per game never met its perceived potential. Fundraising was experiencing supporter fatigue with its regular collections at games and in need of a new approach that would overcome two key obstacles:

  • - Getting the fans to notice - a presence at every game had resulted in a level of 'invisibility' coupled with the fact that the fans' key motivation for attendance is not to support charity.
  • - Making sure the bucket is big enough to be able to collect an increase in donations when the fans take notice.


The use of text donations was identified as providing an infinite 'virtual bucket' and in partnership with AVFC, Acorns set a challenge for fans to raise the most amount of money using text donations during a Premier League match (AVFC vs Newcastle Utd FC 17 Sep)


£7,500 raised during the game - a record amount collected by the charity through a match day collection. This represents enough funds to run a ten bed children's hospice for a full day. Over 55 pieces of coverage across local and national media with an AVE of £182,000 and audience reach of 8.5m.


And the voted winner was Acorns Children's Hospice.